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BC Bee Towing is a full service towing company that operates in the Greater Vancouver Area. We only use the latest equipment operated by experienced and trained operators to ensure your next tow will be safe and hassle-free.

We understand that having to get your vehicle towed can be an unwelcome event so we make an effort to get there fast, provide the best service possible and get you on your way. Our knowledgeable, courteous staff are committed to our customers and have been keeping the residents of Vancouver on the road for over years.


BC Bee Towing is capable of towing everything from small motorcycles to large 5-ton vehicles. Our fleet consists of damage-free equipment through the use of flat-bed tow trucks. Why not give us a call and find out why so many other people choose us.

Vancouver Emergency Roadside Assistance

Stuck on the side of the road and need assistance? Call 604.440.9933 for immediate assistance. If this isn’t your situation, understand that unexpected problems happen and it pays to know a reputable, honest company before something like this happens. Many industry incumbents markup their emergency roadside assistance prices by 100% to 300% taking advantage of your situation.

In most cases, BC Bee Towing can:
  • Arrive at your vehicle within 45 minutes (within the Greater Vancouver Area
  • Provide a jump start
  • Tow your vehicle
  • Offer you a ride
Don’t wait for an accident to happen, program our contact information in your phone now to have us be there when you need us most!

Car Removal Service

Cash For Cars

Have a car you’d rather not see around? Does it no longer do for you what it once did? Has it become slower, less exciting, and lazy? Unlike a marriage, you can simply call us and we’ll pay you to get rid of it. In most cases, we provide our customers with $150 to $400 in cold hard cash for the papers. From there, your old love will be taken to a better place where you’ll never have to hear from her again!

Free Car Removal

Your car doesn’t even have to run; BC Bee Towing will remove any vehicle, free of charge. We sometimes consider ourselves the street cleaners of Vancouver as we play an integral role in sweeping the streets of cars that have seen better days.

BC Bee Towing is available 24/7
for your towing inquiries.

Other Contact Information:

Phone: 604.255.3908
Serviceable Area: Greater Vancouver Area

Province: BC
Country: Canada

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